Deep Tissue Massage

Release Tension & Pain

Deep Tissue MassageDeep tissue massage (DTM) aims to release chronic tension or pain in the deep tissue structures, including muscles, fascia and connective tissues. While some people compare DTM to a “heavy” Swedish massage, DTM has a different purpose and produces different outcomes.

Swedish massage is a very common massage technique. While is also uses firm pressure, it is not intended to reach the deep muscles or fascia. Benefits of Swedish massage include improved circulation, relaxation and the removal of toxins that accumulate in muscle tissue.

Richland Deep Tissue Massage

DTM uses firm, controlled strokes to penetrate deep muscles and fascia. The therapist works through muscle tissue layer by layer to access the fascia, or connective tissue. The goal of DTM is to improve posture and movement by releasing adhesions that have formed in the deep tissue layers. Fascial scars can form as a result of injuries, repetitive motions, poor posture, inflammation and other injury-related conditions.

DTM treats chronic pain in the neck, back, legs, arms and shoulders. When administered correctly, DTM can break myofascial adhesions and scars that restrict the body’s natural range of motion, impair circulation, promote inflammation and cause pain and stiffness.

A trained DTM practitioner starts by preparing muscles and tissues in the target area with gentle pressure. Once the tissues are ready, the therapist applies different strokes that follow and work against the grain of the muscle fibers. These techniques release adhesions that may have formed in the myofascial tissues, and restore proper alignment of the muscle fibers to promote natural healing.

Treat Chronic Pain Conditions

DMT can be used as a sole therapy for chronic pain conditions. It can also be part of a comprehensive therapeutic strategy that aims to relieve pain and restore injured tissues.

Many people believe that deep tissue massage hurts. That’s not true! While injuries can be a source of pain in the body, the goal of deep tissue massage is to relieve pain and promote natural healing.

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